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About Us

enhancing lives

Who We Are

GreenTree Community Inclusion Programs Inc. provides planning, coordination, administration and supervision of various types of supportive programs for individuals with diversabilities in the province of British Columbia. Our teams engender positive energy, creativity and teamwork among employees and provide a psychologically healthy and safe workplace. The company ensures that staff are trained, supported, and guided to achieve the best possible standards of practice.

We strive to be leaders in the delivery of community-based social services while enhancing the lives of the diverse people we serve, our employees, and our stakeholders. Meeting our Mission means recruiting people who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of the people we serve.

GreenTree Brochure
A Welcoming Place

Our Story

GreenTree has been in business for over 18+ years and is owned by second generation caregivers that saw room for improvement within the social service sector. We are a diverse team of working professionals and our services are offered across the province of BC. Currently, our services are concentrated throughout the Okanagan, and Northern BC regions. Expansion of services includes the Kootenays and Vancouver Island. We specialize in complex medical needs and the transition of youth to adulthood. We offer both short-term and long-term services to a wide variety of ages that has varied from 6 to 77 years of age. With nearly 2 decades of experience, we have the ability and expertise to provide quality care and programs for people with diversabilities.

We pride ourselves on being one of the few agencies established to assist individuals with emergency support services that extend across the province. On numerous occasions we have supported the province during emergency situations and we will continue to do so in the future. Finding solutions in complicated situations is what we do best.

To meet the needs of our communities and the individuals we support we offer 3 main services through our programming. Specialized Long-Term Care, Emergency Care, and Respite Care. Our compassionate and competent staff are available 24/7 to assist individuals in their daily lives. We can provide a wide range of support from daily care, to diverse complex medical routines, to transportation across the province.

We are simply people serving people.

Meet the Team

At GreenTree Programs, our team is committed to providing a safe, welcoming place for individuals to achieve goals, learn, and grow.

Jesse Van Grunbaum

Executive Director


Mieke Krus

Director of Operations


Hal Green

Chief Financial Officer


Raquel H. (on leave)

District Manager, Prince George


John W.

Human Resources Generalist


Holly D.

Quality Service Coordinator


Mel P.

Company Coordinator


Lana T.

Program Training Coordinator


Nicki B.

Accounting Specialist


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