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For Exceptional Needs

Specialized Long-Term Care

Specialized Long-Term Care services are to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children, youth, or adults in-care that require higher levels of supervision and support.

These homes provide a culturally safe, trauma-informed, and developmentally appropriate living environment for individuals requiring a 24-hour staffed model and specialized environment where other living arrangements have been deemed unable to provide the required level of support. 

Individuals that are supported must be able to develop healthy attachments with a stable team of highly skilled caregivers who are equipped to meet each person’s unique day-to-day needs as well as support their continued growth, development and wellness.

Specialized Long-Term Care promotes attachment, emotional ties, and belonging by providing an environment where the persons served family, extended family, and community are welcomed, engaged and involved in their ongoing care.

Reaching Success

The Intended Outcomes for Specialized Long-Term Care are:

  • Progress towards goals for community inclusion
  • Placement stability for the individual
  • Individuals with significant support needs experience improved transitions to the adult care system
  • They experience safety and improved wellbeing
  • Attachment and emotional ties to family and other supportive relationships are improved.
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