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For Urgent, Short-Term Solutions

Emergency Care

Emergency Care provides a safe, supportive short-term (approximately 30 days) placement for individuals who cannot live safely with their family or for whom no other care arrangement is readily available.

Those placed in Emergency Care could benefit from an environment that supports their health, wellness, culture, and recovery, and that of their family. During this time our team has the opportunity to learn more about the individual, their strengths, their needs and their wishes to facilitate and strengthen their return home, or to find the best-fit living arrangement.

This service facilitates successful transition planning for children and youth by providing safe, trauma-informed care, during what can be a particularly challenging time for families. It provides a concentrated period of time to develop a deeper understanding of the child’s/youth’s needs and gather the support team to further seek out and assess extended family/community care provider options, or “right fit” placements.

Emergency Care placement can be of benefit when a “safe landing place” is urgently required and when an individual has been removed or a previous placement has broken down and a less intrusive option is not available.

The Right Fit

The Intended Outcomes for Emergency Care are:

  • The individual moves to a “right fit” living arrangement or placement
  • They experience safety and improved wellbeing
  • Attachment and emotional ties to family and other supportive relationships are improved
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