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For When a Break is Needed

Respite Care

Respite Care is a family preservation service designed to meet the needs of families, foster parents or homeshare providers caring for individuals with complex needs. It provides caregivers with a temporary break from the emotional and physical demands of caregiving to maintain or improve overall family function and well-being.

This service is provided outside of the primary caregiver’s home and is part of a suite of services and supports a family may receive to maintain the current living arrangement within the family. This service may be provided to families of children, youth, or adults with varying diversabilities or complex needs and with any legal status (not in care, in out-of-care arrangements, and in care).

Respite Care supports the improvement of family functioning and enhances overall well-being by providing that break, while at the same time seamlessly maintaining an individual’s important routines and supports.

It can be planned for or offered during emergencies or times of crisis and provides a person served with a culturally safe, developmentally appropriate, structured and warm environment with qualified staff who can meet the unique day-to-day needs of the individual.

Support for Everyone

The Intended Outcomes for Respite Care are:

  • Improved overall family functioning to support ongoing care for the individual
  • They experience safety and improved wellbeing
  • Attachment and emotional ties to family and other supportive relationships are improved
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