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Person-Centred Care

We believe that choice and independence are integral to a healthy life. Our programs are uniquely tailored to the individuals we serve to promote independence and healthy living.

GreenTree has been providing a variety of specialized care models and homes since 2004. Our homes are established as 1 or 2 bedrooms where we can focus on providing person-centered care and a home away from home for individuals that join our programs.

Operating throughout British Columbia, we support both, youth and adults. We strive to keep individuals close to home and within their communities whenever possible. Those supported are referred by either the Ministry of Children & Family Development (MCFD) or Community Living BC (CLBC).

Removing Barriers

Innovative and Inclusive

Individuals with diversabilities and complex medical needs often face unique barriers in their day-to-day life and may have challenges finding a program that matches their needs. We focus on solution-based care and provide innovative ideas and programming for all of our participants, regardless of their varying diversabilities and needs. We support individuals with complex medical care who require an accessible home. Individuals are support for various lengths of time depending on their unique needs.

GreenTree Programs currently provides services throughout a variety of different regions located across British Columbia. The homes provide a high quality of care that is complemented by a diverse team of staff. These homes have dedicated staff 24/7 that accommodate a variety of different shifts depending on individual needs. Our teams are equipped with a support network of a Manager, Supervisor and Operational team that supports them along the way.

A Team Effort

Our Services

As a government-funded agency, our services are typically provided at NO COST to families or individuals looking to join, and entering our programs can be done by a referring Social Worker. For more information on how to access our services and funding visit the F.A.Q. page.

Our approach to care is coordinated by many, with input from the individuals themselves, family members, community and/or professional supports and referral sources. To meet the needs of our communities and the individuals we support, we offer 3 main services through our programming:

Specialized Long-Term Care

Provides a safe and nurturing environment for children, youth or adults in-care that require higher supervision and support.

Emergency Care

Supportive short-term placement for individuals who cannot live safely with their family or for whom no other care arrangement is readily available.

Respite Care

For families, foster parents, or homeshare providers caring for individuals with complex needs who could benefit from a temporary break from the emotional and physical demands of caregiving.
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